May 18th. London: The Dev

Pints with old friends I’ve never met.


This morning I managed to miss London Bridge station and wound being catapulted deep into some seriously green and pleasant land. St. Alban's to be exact. Glad I got to see the countryside, at least. Even if I couldn't afford the time. But I made it back, narrowly avoided a fine in the process, packed, got the bartender to print my ticket and now I'm here.

Last night was one of the single best nights I've had in a really, really long time.

Adrian really is a dead ringer for a Hugo Weaving/Ian McKellen hybrid. We've been talking on and off since the alt.gothic-on-Fidonet days of the mid-Nineties. Fantastic to finally meet him. Good to see Dave after so long as well. London seems to suit him well. Karen was fun as ever - though I still remain unconvinced of the fundamental efficacy of engram transference in preserving an individual (did I even say that right?)

So we drank, talked a hell of a lot, laughed, drank, ranted, drank... Really must do it again. Hopefully in August.


May 18th - The Dev 002

Dev album (4 shots)



Gatwick. Attempting to tap their wifi. Spent most of today on trains. A tad knackered. Three hour flight to Helsinki, navigate the bus system, catch up with J, shower and probably crash.

I have no idea what time we fly to Berlin tomorrow. Was under the impression it was early-ish.

Still no word on the cabin. It may not happen. Shame, but then half of Helsinki is a great big pine forest. Very much down with the idea of days spent hidden in it somewhere with a laptop, a thermos, sandwiches, and this goddamnmotherfucking manuscript. I mean, my art.

One of the things Adrian and I talked about was about the whole well-refilling thing when it comes to creating for a living. I’ve been about as bone dry and sore as it's possible to be for a really long time, but have noticed that nothing's really fazed me for a while now: not working for the trip (despite the occasional argh), not the technicalities, not volcanoes, not finding myself outside London by accident on a day when time's critical. It's all good. Still, I've yet to face the Terrible Finnish Language Barrier, but... eh. My only real concern is the fact that I haven’t yet hit on a hook for an article. Gotta be one there though.