3rd June: Helsinki Update

Back in Siltanen, the place a block from J's. I've not been in a single place this entire trip that played music I couldn't stand. In Leipzig the Hauptbahnhof played the Cure, Cranberries, Radiohead. Here plays the XX, Stone Roses and the occasional bout of dance music that ain't great but it doesn't make me want to summon the meteors.

Also, bottomless coffee.

We walked around another section of the lake/bay last night. at 10pm it looked like 6pm. So staggeringly beautiful I wont even try describing it. Tonight I'll try and be there at the same time to get shots that do it justice.

Also, Finnish tapwater is goddamend delicious. The best water I've ever, ever tasted. Can't stop drinking it.

If it looks like I can nail Fateless in two or three weeks I'll book a ticket to Paris. So back to work.

PS: this is me giggling like a schoolgirl.


I haven't taken many photos since getting to Helsinki. Mainly trying to get enough sleep and do enough work. So, this is Siltanen, the place a block from J's. I drop 10 euro in the morning, get a massive meal and bottomless coffee and work here until I get so cagey I need to go walk five kilometres or so.

Sundry 441

This is the shopping centre I went to yesterday to get some earphones. It's in Vuosaari. Finding it was an exercise in flow-going. The barman here told me that some place called (indecipherable/unrememberable) in (indecipherable/unrememberable) at the end of the (indecipherable/unrememberable) Metro line sold Skullcandy earphones. I wasnt about to ask him to write it down so just went to the Metro. The only line available forked twice so I checked the time and figured I had time to check both routes. I hadn't gone beyond J's area since arriving so figured I'd enjoy the ride. The scenery change that occured in both 15 minute rides was incredible. I'll do both again and photograph them next time.

Anyway, this is what a Finnish shopping centre looks like.

Sundry 410 cropped

And this is what I'm looking like nowdays. Still considering chopping the hair off. Might finally get that tattoo done when I get to New York.

Self-Portrait 005 cropped