June 9th: Helsinki by Night (Take 2)

I'm beginning to think that one night I saw that was so spectacular was an uncommon thing. I went back tonight for a couple of hours, left a fairly wide window of time, and I think I got better results than the first time but... still not a patch on that one time everything wound up touched with fire. Might have been a chance atmospheric thing, where the light of the 'setting' sun slashed through the cloud layer almost horizontally, not sure. I tweaked the saturation on most of the shots by 30%, as the photos were more washed-out than what I was actually seeing.

So I spent about two hours walking around, listening to Marc Maron's podcast and photographing stuff. Pretty tranquil. And I might only have to pay for one night at a hostel in Paris. If I can find one in this season. Failing that I can find a luggage locker and someplace to buy coffee.

Full Flickr set here.

Helsinki by Night Take 2 036 adjusted

Helsinki by Night Take 2 071 30 percent saturation I like the way this looks like it's shot on a BBC soundstage. And the top of the Crown Plaza hotel in the lower left kinda jazzes me for some reason.

Helsinki by Night Take 2 075 30 percent saturation And this particular shot seems to have a kind of passion to it. Not sure I can explain why I feel that way about it.

Helsinki by Night Take 2 147 30 percent saturation That's the new Opera House no one likes. Locals refer to it as 'the Swimming Pool', because it looks like one of those glass-enclosed heated things.

Helsinki by Night Take 2 154 30 percent saturation BAND

Helsinki by Night Take 2 195 30 percent saturation

Helsinki by Night Take 2 203 30 percent saturation

Helsinki by Night Take 2 099 30 percent saturation BAND