Cam Rogers - Writer/Narrative Designer

I believe that interactive entertainment is storytelling’s next evolutionary step, and that it has the power to change the world. For twenty years I’ve created unique and compelling IP, vivid characters and extraordinary settings for AAA, mobile and publishing. 

'Cam Rogers is quite likely the most passionate writer I’ve come to know in the 20 years I’ve worked in the videogame industry ... Cam is fast. The way his mind works is staggering.’ – Sam Lake, Creative Director, Remedy Entertainment (Quantum Break, Alan Wake, Max Payne)

‘A writer of real assurance and vision.’ – Neil Gaiman, Internationally Celebrated Author


Next Games: 09/2015 – Present.
Writer. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land
•    Sole writer. Achieved fast, high-quality turnaround, having been requested to replace the previous AMC-approved writer.
•    2,200 iTunes reviews with a 4.63/5 average rating in first week. #1 Role-playing Game in 117 countries. #1 Free Game in 13 countries. Over 1 million downloads in its first week.

PlayRaven: 08/2015 – 02/2016.
Writer/Narrative Designer/Worldbuilder. Winterstate 
•    Focused project through world-building, factions, locations, social dynamics, characters (iconic and general), story, mission design and dialogue. 
•    Responsible for maintaining world bible and internal consistency. 

Remedy Entertainment: 08/2012 – 08/2015.
Writer/Heavy Narrative Design Duties. Quantum Break
•    The #1 bestselling new IP for Microsoft in 2016.
•    Created narrative, structure, characters, lore, dialog and VO for Quantum Break through close work with Creative Director, other writers, content team leads, Microsoft reps and designers.
•    Tapped to reinvent the story for the novel.

Lead Writer/Narrative Designer. Legends of Shadow America (unreleased)
•    Collaborated with lead game designer Tuomas Pirinen to create an explicit story that worked symbiotically with the implicit story of his design.
•    Designed and wrote a 26-episode season of content. This included world building, character concepts, bios, screenplays, and the development of a self-sustaining dramatic ecosystem.
•    Vin Diesel, Felicia Day and Robert Kirkman strong interest/attached. 

Defiant Development: 11/06 - 03/07.
Lead Writer/Narrative Designer/Creative Advisor. Heroes Call.
•    Worked closely with director and designers to develop narrative.
•    Built world, society, locales, missions and cast of characters from ground up.

Midway: 03/05. Defunct as of 2010.
Content Assistant (Characters). Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows
•    Aided the John Romero-helmed RPG with character development and realization. Motion-capture artist (Questor the Elf, pirates, peasants)

Published Works

Quantum Break: Zero State (Tor)
•    An alternate timeline take on the game’s story with new structure and beats, addressing things we couldn’t touch in the game. At 120,000 words, it had to be written within 4 months, to high quality, to be released same-day as the game.

Nicholas and the Chronoporter (Penguin) (written as Rowley Monkfish)
•    Nominated for Australian Children’s Book of the Year

The Music of Razors (Random House/Del Rey)
•    ‘A nightmarishly imaginative debut from a writer of real assurance and vision. Watch Cam Rogers: he’s going places.’ – Neil Gaiman


Sam Lake, Creative Director, Remedy Entertainment.

Cam Rogers is quite likely the most passionate writer I’ve come to know in the 20 years I’ve worked in the videogame industry creating story-driven games. He is a great writer. The sheer rapid-fire enthusiasm and infectious energy he brings to the table was obvious from our first conversation on.

Cam is fast, the way his mind works is staggering. The way he relentlessly throws himself into the work to solve a plot issue or to figure out a solution to an obstacle is breathtaking.

He knows his stuff. He knows how stories work, and on top of that the man is a walking encyclopaedia. His thirst to learn and absorb new information seems to be endless. Usually, when I’m just beginning to think about an idea, he has already gone down a long path of possibilities, coming up with multiple new ideas in the process.

To say that as a writer Cam Rogers is a machine would not be entirely correct; a force of nature would be a more fitting analogy. This was clear to us from the very first Skype call we had with him in the spring of 2012 that served as an interview that got him hired to the Remedy writing team.

It’s my pleasure to recommend Cam to any story and writing project, be it building the vision, the characters, the world, the style, the plot or simply writing dialogue. I am happy to provide more details if you would like additional information.


Joonas Laakso, Production Lead, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (Next Games) and Legends of Shadow America (Remedy Entertainment).


I was Cam’s direct supervisor for all of 2014. We collaborated on a game, and a world, and a cast of characters, and a story told through those characters. The game was someone else’s dream, and the cast was influenced by what our artists saw in their minds, and the world had certain boundaries you couldn’t cross. The story, though, was all Cam’s.

There are many nuggets of accepted wisdom making the rounds in the game industry concerning writing for games, and working with writers while you’re developing a game. Working with Cam, all of my preconceptions were struck down.

Cam is a designer at heart. He cares about how things are structured. He cares about how things affect each other across disciplines: art and game mechanics and story and use case. He understands the player experience. He values the player attention and understands that you need to earn it. He plays the right games and makes sure he understands how they work.

Cam is adaptive. We ran into oh so many limitations and issues, many of which came as surprises, and he took it all in stride. He came back with new approaches to overcome those limitations, seeking far beyond his allotted box to find those options.

Cam is brave. He accepted unwelcome and inconvenient truths about our circumstances, and resolved to make wonderful things regardless. Making bold new creative things together asks a lot of you - you have to be open and welcoming, and wear your heart on your sleeve, and embrace disappointment, and cut loose things you hold dear. Cam does all that, and in doing so brings others up to speed, as well.

Cam has soul. I knew we were on to something when I became emotional just reading the outline of the game’s narrative. His characters push and pull at you. He challenges you, and welcomes you, and is never afraid of holding a mirror up to you.

Cam is relentless. His drive to make our shared thing happen was an inspiration to all. His output is staggering: if there’s a downside to working with Cam, it is that you better be prepared to read. (Everything he writes is a joy, so it isn’t much of a downside.) He never complains about the hours or the deadlines, all the while making sure you’re on top of his progress and aware of what the schedule looks like.

Cam is a pleasure to work with and I wish I will get the opportunity to do so again.


Tuomas Pirinen, CCO, Reforged Studios.

I worked as the Head of Design at Remedy Entertainment and Cam worked as a writer and design associate with me. He was responsible for fiction, dialogue and design feedback.

He also worked on several game design pitches for new products under my guidance.

During this time Cam demonstrated strong dedication and aptitude to his task, and showed great potential in game design.

I would be happy to work with Cam again.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Morgan Jaffit, Director, Defiant Development.

Cameron is a top class editor and writer with a deep and varied understanding of the impact of interactivity on narrative.

His advice and assistance in terms of developing structure and characterisation over the course of a developing plot was invaluable. 

I'm looking forward to future projects with Cameron and taking advantage of the insight he offers.