The Music of Razors

 Click to be taken to the Amazon page.  Paper and Kindle editions available.

Click to be taken to the Amazon page.  Paper and Kindle editions available.

"The Music of Razors is a nightmarishly imaginative debut from a writer of real assurance and vision. Watch him: he's going to go places." - Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods, Coraline and Neverwhere.

“Dark, disturbing, and filled with moments of real charm and magic, The Music of Razors is the best first novel I’ve seen this year.” – Locus

“Trent Reznor meets Poppy Z. Brite – and spawns something slippery and quick with a bite that won’t let go long after you turn the final page. The Music of Razors is superior fantasy, fast-paced and seductive. It digs deep for effect and delivers.” – Sean Williams, author of The Resurrection Man and The Stone Mage and The Sea.

“This was an impressive first novel. In The Music of Razors, Cameron Rogers weave s a thought-provoking and compelling dark fantasy from the mythology of religion.” – Jeff Ford, author of The Girl in the Glass.

“This is a book brimming with ideas, indicating a strong new contender in the horror fiction stakes.” – The Sunday Age.

“Cameron Rogers has the credentials – youth, a distinctive prose style and “attitude”… The Music of Razors is in-your-face, dark fantasy with a gritty urban feel… [It] follows known paths (the dark descent to a world between worlds), but stylishly. Rogers delights in macabre irony… He brings on the compassion in bucketloads … precisely when it’s all far too late. Judging by this dark, nervy fable, Cameron Rogers will be worth following.” - Van Ikin, in The Sydney Morning Herald

“This is a dark and disturbing story, packed with surreal images that haunt you long after you’ve put down the book.” – Storm Constantine, author Sea Dragon Heir and the Wraeththu trilogy.

Apart from Storm Constantine and Poppy Brite there haven’t been any notable Goth contributors to modern fiction that I’m aware of, which seems odd, but you should now take serious note of this man…. for this gripped me relentlessly.” – Mick Mercer.

“Jam-packed with enough extraordinary ideas to fill a dozen ordinary novels. Never was fantasy darker or more disturbing. The novelistic equivalent of Twin Peaks.” – Richard Harland, author of Ferren and the Angel.

“An exceedingly fine novel… You feel this book is true and the characters are real. The Music of Razors tells a beautiful and deeply affecting story, full of wonder, strangeness, pain and love.” – KJ Bishop, author of The Etched City.

“The Music of Razors is a breath of fresh air… Rogers has ‘Kingisms’ in his novel but he surpasses King in many ways. Rogers’ development of characters, for example, goes far beyond the functional stereotypes that King uses… The tumultuous, rich detail of Rogers’ novel, the images spilling over each other in their rush to get on the page, gives [the impression] of an author with a wild, wriggling story inside him bursting to get out.” – Viewpoint Magazine

“This is definitely a novel you should read if you enjoy well-written prose [or] novels of ideas… to get in on the ground floor with an author whose star is going to rise and rise. I look forward to Cameron Rogers’ next offering with eager anticipation.” – Darren Turpin, The Genre Files.

“To my immense surprise and continuing pleasure, it is easily one of the best debut novels I’ve encountered, thoroughly gripping even though it dealt with subject matter that usually doesn’t interest me… Full of original twists and turns, with a highly charged atmosphere, and crisp, intelligent prose. This was originally published by Penguin in the UK way back in 2001 and I’m very surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before now.” – Don D’Ammassa, Fantasy Reviews.