Cam Rogers. Author, game writer, occasional journalist.

Online Dating: ‘This Isn’t Working. Please Stop Trying to Touch My Hair.’

Initially I had little to no interest in dating the internet, figuring that if I really wanted to make myself vulnerable to an unmedicated sociopath I could always get back into the goth scene. But I’d heard Julian Assange’s profile was still up at OK Cupid, so I looked.   The next thing I know I’ve answered fifty questions, determined that my medieval job would be ‘harlequin’, and am sitting in a park with a disgruntled German eugenicist.

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Zombies: Why We Like Them.

There is a reason - I think – why the zombie thing hasn't played out after so long. There is a reason - I think - why zombies are more popular, and more persistent, now than they have ever been. There is a reason why they've staked out a tract of pop culture real estate for themselves and aren’t budging. That reason - I think - is this:

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